In 2023, MMPCIA made significant strides in enriching and preserving the Mount Morris Historic District. Here’s a comprehensive overview of our achievements:

Banners: New banners along Malcolm X Blvd celebrated our historic community and local businesses, enhancing the streetscape with vibrant visuals.

Patrica Eaton Scholarship: Renamed to honor its creator, the scholarship program continued its legacy of supporting education by awarding numerous scholarships to future leaders nationwide.

Community Engagement: Partnering with Harlem Grown/Mellon Grant, we organized impactful initiatives like the Juneteenth acknowledgment concert and “We’re Outside Art in Harlem” exhibit, fostering community unity and showcasing local talent.

125th Street BID Holidaylights Parade: MMPCIA’s participation in this festive event brought joy to the community, supporting local vendors and showcasing our district’s vibrancy.

Spring Stoop Sale: Our annual event promoted community bonding and sustainability, offering unique finds and fostering friendly conversations among neighbors.

Membership Appreciation Event: A curated wine tasting at Harlem Wine Gallery provided members with an opportunity to connect, enjoy local cuisine, and learn about our focus on landmark preservation.

Community Clean-Up Initiatives: MMPCIA actively participated in community clean-up projects, including the NY Jr. League’s Marcus Garvey clean-up and GreenerLenox cleanup, beautifying our neighborhood and instilling pride.

Halloween Community Event: Over 50 neighbors joined our community trick-or-treat event, showcasing creativity and fostering a sense of belonging.

Website Launch: Our new website was launched, serving as a hub for historical and current community information.

Landmarks Preservation: We led protests against building demolitions, formed partnerships with preservationists, and conducted building surveys to identify structures at risk.

Real Estate Tax Protest: Our annual information session educated property owners about their rights to protest NYC property taxes.

5G Tower Installation: MMPCIA addressed concerns about 5G tower installations in our historic district.

Participatory Budgeting: Members engaged in developing a public outreach plan to increase community participation in NYC’s budget allocation process.

2024 Goals 

At the beginning of the year, the directors gathered to review the status of MMPCIA. We determined that significant progress had been made throughout our extensive history, providing us with a solid foundation to enhance our role as a more effective and efficient server to the community. Our primary focus for 2024 is to represent a Historic District, which we consider an honor and a significant responsibility.

We plan to establish a platform and framework to encourage member and community involvement in developing plans to honor and preserve our wonderful neighborhood’s rich history and culture.

We welcome all readers of this newsletter to join us and contribute your passion, knowledge, time, and resources to help make the Mt. Morris Park Historic Community a place that celebrates our past and future.