Erika L Ewing is an actor, artist, educator, and activist—a true “ARTIVIST” she has a gift and passion for empowering communities to believe in the power of the arts to heal, unite, and be a catalyst for social change and transformation.

Erika is a graduate of Smith College and holds an M.F.A in Theatre Arts from Rutgers University. Her artistic career has encompassed teaching, directing, writing, acting, producing, and performing for television, film, stage, radio, and music videos.

In 2018, Erika founded Got To Stop LLC social impact fashion and consultant company. Got To Stop LLC fashion designs sparks courageous conversation and raise awareness to promote social change and radical transformation. Got To Stop LLC fashions is a purpose-driven act on its own: “Fashion Activism… It’s not a movement. It’s a lifestyle.”

Erika is actively engaged in the Harlem community and has naturally evolved into a social justice influencer and activist. Her leadership, creativity, ingenuity, and passion for the betterment of humanity lead her into spaces where her contributions matter.