Tanisha Hidalgo
CUNY/Hunter College

Tanisha Hidalgo, graduate of Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics, is the winner of MMPCIA’s 2014 College Scholarship Award, and is attending Hunter College in New York City, New York.

Tanisha has always been a hard working student, reflecting that in her grades. She was in the National Junior Honor Society in middle school and in the National Honor Society in high school. Tanisha graduated with honors and in the top ten percent of the graduating class of 2014.

As well as working hard in school, Tanisha has spent many hours volunteering through her school’s National Honor Society. They worked alongside programs such as New York Cares and participated in acts of community improvement and aiding the less fortunate. Such activity included cleaning and planting fresh herbs in a community garden.

In her spare time Tanisha participates in martial arts training at the Garcia Gung Fu Institute. A lover of the sport since the age of 9, Tanisha holds a first-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and is currently training to earn her black sash in Gung Fu.

In her sophomore year of high school, Tanisha’s immense hunger for knowledge led her to take a college course in psychology through the College Now program. Upon finishing the class she was left with a deep fascination in the complex world of psychology.  As a result, Tanisha decided to make psychology her desired major at Hunter College and plans to earn her bachelors degree in the area with the hopes of becoming a child psychologist. Tanisha’s decision to work with children as a future career was based off of her desire to help those around her. A comment from Tanisha goes as follows, “As we speak a child is suffering through some form of hardship alone, scared, and confused with no higher authority to help them. It pains me so much to know that this is going on around me and I wish to help such children, one “patient” at a time.”

With the help received from the MMPCIA College Scholarship Award, Tanisha Hidalgo will be able to achieve such dreams.