David Daniels

Morehouse College

My name is David Daniels, and the Mount Morris Park Community Improvement Association (MMPCIA) has been supporting me in my education journey from the time I was a Freshman at Morehouse College, struggling through to where I am now, approaching my senior year in the fall. The road has been difficult, but you guys had patience and stuck with me, and I appreciate that. It is totally understandable that you aren’t able to provide scholarships this year, many organizations have not been able to due to the coronavirus, but it is still nice to know you guys have my back, even without the monetary assistance this year.

Many have lost so much in terms of close family members and friends. I have been fortunate so far, in being able to say that I have not lost anyone close to me due to this pandemic. I do have friends who have though so I know this virus is real and dangerous.

With school being forced on-line, was especially difficult for students because we were not used to instruction on line and that was quite an adjustment. Because I am home in New York this semester, I have recently been volunteering in an assemblyman’s office which is good because I am able to be there and also take my online classes.