Symphonie T. Hammonds


My name is Symphonie E. L. Toodles-Hammonds. I will attend Loyola University Chicago in the fall, where I plan to study Psychology (Major) and Business (Minor). It is my hope that these two subject areas will prepare me to enter medical school where I plan to focus on Psychiatry as my medical track. Thank you again for your scholarship, I was so grateful to receive the funds earlier this summer. Having the scholarship so early helped me begin to get the things I needed for college. I anticipate that future support will be used to help fuel my goal of becoming a doctor. I am hoping to pursue a study abroad excursion next year and I know having the support from the MMPCIA organization will provide me with a head start in preparing to apply for those opportunities.
Thank you again for your support and I look forward to sharing the details of my first year with you all when I return next summer.

Carter Boyce
Brown University